A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Goal is to survive against the monsters.
4 build available in game.Camp,tower,trap and totem.This 4 build can be upgradable.

You can buy new weapons and armor with the money you earn from monsters or upgradeable your weapon and armor.You get skill point as the level gets higher.You can upgrade your skills with skill points.

Short Summary

I am 19 years old.I'm a software developer.

I started learning software when I was 15 years old.I did many projects in 4 years.

I did websites, mobile games, etc.

I have been doing the "Underground" computer game with the unity game engine for +1 year.

In the demo version 

Only 1 character playable(There are 3 characters in total).

Only survival mode can be played.

Only 1 survival map playable(There are 3 survival maps in total).

Co-op not playable.

Can only play 10 rounds(There are nearly 100 rounds in total).


*Underground Alpha Demo will not be updated for a long time.The game will released in 2020 Q1.

*Mac and Linux versions have not been tested.


Underground-Alpha Demo2.4.1 - Linux.rar 129 MB
Underground-Alpha Demo2.4.1 - Mac.app.zip 156 MB
Underground-Alpha Demo2.4.1.rar 120 MB

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How do I open it on mac?

Here is the answer to how you can open the game -> https://bit.ly/2WjQ9b0

You don't normally need to do this.It's my fault the game didn't open.I'll fix this with an update soon.

I'm sorry for that.

it was a fun game i only played the survival mode so my review is on that. It was simple the magicians didn't really cause me too much trouble (maybe cause i got lucky with the gambling) which made me not use the upgrading system as well for the defenses. the mini game was cool plus to the game, the there was a lot of space which is good incase i needed room. It's a great start and you have a chance to expand on alot of things like a story, mini challenges, weapon and boss challenges play around with the environment and let your ideas flourish as well you have something good that will get better 

No difficulty selection at the moment in the game but certainly the difficulty selection(easy,normal and hard) to be added to the game.
Thanks for feedback!

very interesting game. a little heavy on the heavy metal lol but otherwise i enjoyed it. 

Thanks for playing!

I like heavy metal :D

I like it too lol 

<3 <3 <3 might be a little bit before get Video up for 2.2 very sick at the moment.

Get well soon.

Keep it up doing Amazing Work!! Thank you for everything!!  <3 <3 <3


I definitely enjoyed it, had plenty of variety in terms of progression and ways to survive the waves. I like the gambling aspect every few rounds too. Though didn't use the blacksmith much at all, (but I guess if I didn't gameble all my money away I could've used them lol). Would be good to see more environments as the game developments and some kinda backstory for the characters (but thats just me, I love a narrative haha). More animations and voicelines for the protagonist would be good too. I think the wave numbers were pretty good for the most part, as the levels went up, but some gold became inaccessible to collect if it fell out of the boundaries which was annoying.
Also music and audio work great! 

Couldn't find any bugs as such, just  few enemies swinging at the air after they're attacking a tower and its not there lol.

Keep up the great work!


I will add more environments to the game as soon as possible and definitely add more sound to the hero.
Thanks for the feedback!

This was fun. It was easy to get into it, and didn't have a bunch of mechanics that most games like this tend to have. Great work :D

Thanks for playing!

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Selamlar hocam. Jahonun yayından görüp indirip oynadım. Daha bitirmedim fakat bir kaç tavsiyede bulunmak istiyorum. Çift ekran kullanıyorum mouse yan ekrana kayıyor. Bunu engelleme şansın var mı ya da benden kaynaklı mı bilmiyorum. Belirtmek istedim. İkincisi: İtemlerin özellikleri belli mi bilmiyorum eğer belliyse mouse ile üzerine gelince gösterirse güzel olur. Yoksa sadece yanda yazan +1, +2, +3 gibi özellik varsa bu dediğime gerek kalmıyor. Bunlar dışında aklıma bir şey gelmiyor. Oyun çok zevkli. Eline sağlık aynen böyle devam et kolay gelsin başarılar dilerim



- Mouse yan ekrana kayma sorununu bilmiyordum,yakında yeni bir güncelleme ile düzeltirim.

- İtemlerin özellikleri belli ve mouse ile üzerine gelince gösteriyor, 1-2 saniye beklemen lazım.

Geri dönüşün için teşekkürler.

O zaman harika hocam. Tekrardan başarıların devamını dilerim 


It's seems like a game has a some of optimization problems when yoo many enemies arrived but game is in alpha so that's okay. 

It would be better if you use WASD for movement input and add more attack animation to character.(It's just my opinion:D

Lastly, I really like your game design (especially UI design cause of some of indie devs do not care that too much). 

I hope more people'll play this game, good job dude :)

You can send me a PM if you want to talk about game dev stuff. 

The optimization of the game is a bit poor.I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the feedback!

This game is Great and Will truly be an Amazing game!!! Keep it up <3

Thank you <3

Thanks for sending me this game, it was a lot of fun!  I liked the gambling and challenges, even through I failed like every single one of them.  I didn't run into any bugs playing, however when I clicked like crazy at the main menu it threw me into the game with an invisible character.  I'm going to say that that was my fault.  

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The video has been fun.
Thanks for playing!

This was pretty fun already and I can see it getting a lot better in the future. I ran into a few bugs but that's to be expected in an alpha demo.


I will correct the bugs in the game as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!

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I I just stumbled upon this game while looking for Hack and slash Linux games.  It looks amazing! Is there any hope for a multiplayer? Maybe through local area network?


I'm thinking to bring co-op and LAN support to the game.

Thank you for your feedback.

Please add more content! 5/5

I'll definitely make more content.

I like the game, nice retro looks.

Made a video

Thanks for playing!

The game is pretty cool.

Underground Alpha Demo from Hunel games is still in development and looking really good. I had a play and I do like tower defense type games so here's a little play I did (prior to the dev team emailing I had already played Underground).

And here's a fine collection of screenshot.


All the best



Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for the email! The game is pretty neat! I enjoyed what there is so far. I feel like it gets kinda laggy with enemies, not too much to not be able to play and I understand this is an alpha and has a ways to go till it's finished, otherwise it runs ok.

I'm not a huge fan of endless wave games, so probably not gonna play it again till it gets a story, but based on what is there so far I'm pretty excited about it. Made a video, I hope you enjoy! 


If my indiegogo campaign is successful, I'm thinking of adding a story to the game.

I will fixed the lag of enemies as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!



Thanks for playing!

Thanks for making the game brotha!

So many skeletons, we're going to need bigger weapons and towers. :)

Thanks for playing!

Doing some lets play but a little low on fps

The optimization of the game is a bit poor.I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for emailing me your game I’ll do a video of your game later tonight! And do some commentary on what I think about it! Thank you for the game!

I love this type of games please unlock all the features and characters :) 4/5

Thanks for playing.

I will update the game every week.I will add more content to the game.

Thanks :)

hey Im uploading the game to! I'll watch your video about the game and could you watch my take of it :)

Yes!I'm looking forward to the video.

Thanks for playing.

no problem if you make anymore games I'll be glade to check them out!